Holiday & Winter Theme
Company Holiday Party Lighting Idea

Gobo Pattern & Uplighting Ideas

Snow / Winter – Blues, Light Blues, Whites, and some light Purples.
Holiday Colors – Red & White stripes to mimic candy cane, Red & Green for Christmas

 Branding & Logo Projection

Ensuring your company or event logo is prominently displayed, such as on a wall or building, is consistently essential. This serves as an excellent backdrop for capturing photos during the event, subtly watermarking them when shared on social media. To enhance your logo without altering its core identity, we can incorporate thematic elements like Snow Flakes or other winter graphics that align with your event’s theme. Additionally, our digital projection technology allows us to seamlessly integrate graphics and design into your digital gobo, keeping costs down and eliminating the need to invest in expensive, outdated glass gobos for full-color designs.

* Let us know if you are providing your own glass or metal gobo as this affects our cost and placement *